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Good Morning! There is nothing like starting your day off with a little essential oil education so let’s rock and roll! Today’s oil is Tea Tree; one of our personal favourites at Sweets.

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Tea Tree oil is native to Australia and is obtained by steam distillation of Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves. The leaves were historically used as a substitute for tea which is how tea tree got its name.

Besides its cosmetic uses, tea tree was also used by the Australian Aboriginals for healing cuts, burns and infections. Some other problems that tea tree oil has been used for treating include acne and acne scars, warts, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and yeast infections.

The reason this oil is so effective is because it contains terpenoids which have antiseptic and antifungal characteristics. Terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant and is given most of the credit for tea tree’s antibacterial benefits.

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If you struggle with acne and are tired of it, tea tree oil is your new best friend. This little oil destroys Propionibacterium acne which is the skin-dwelling bacteria that develops acne. Studies have proven significant reduction and severity in inflamed and non-inflamed acne when using tea tree topically. Say that 3 times fast!

Another substance commonly used to fight acne is benzoyl peroxide, but it causes side effects such as itching, stinging, burning, and dryness. In head to head studies, tea tree usually takes longer to show results but has fewer side effects.

You can find tea tree oil at natural grocery stores that sell essential oils but make sure to not use it directly on your skin. Undiluted tea tree oil can cause redness, blistering, over drying, itching, and overall skin irritation.

We use tea tree oil in our face lotion, Yo Face! and people absolutely love it. We have heard funny stories about it getting rid of rashes that nothing else could cure and every time a friend buys some, they always come back for more because their dad or sister stole it from their bathroom…not that we are complaining.

See https://sleekwigsonline.livejournal.com/797.html

So, that’s the scoop on tea tree oil. Have a good rest of your day…and one more thing: Yo Face!

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