What is African Black Soap?

If the first question that springs to mind upon reading this title is, “what on earth is African black soap?” you definitely need to read this page.

What is African Black Soap?
What is African Black Soap?

This is a product that can greatly benefit your skin and I am not talking commercialized but authentic, hand made soap from Ghana. Let’s get into the details of this mysterious product and find out what is and what it can do for you.

For starters, let me show you what African Black Soap looks like:

Worlds Best Dudu Osun African Black Soap

African Black Soap

Surprised?  Sure doesn’t look like Dove does it?!

It may not look much like soap at all since it is dark brown a crumbly like dried clay or mud, but it’s abilities to heal blemished skin are becoming famous.

Black soap is available even in America but the authentic kind is made mostly in Western Africa.  African Black Soap is a soap made mainly in Ghana.  This is a country located along the western part of the continent as shown in the picture below.

You Can Buy Dudu Osun Black Soap Here

It is the preparation of the soap which leads to differences in the quality of the soap.  The beginning soap product is created by initially burning the leaves of palm trees, plantain skins, banana tree barks and leaves, and cocoa pods in a big vat. After mixing with water the ash residue is then filtered out.  One then adds a number of ingredients to make the soap.  these include cocoa butter, shea butter, palm oil, and coconut.   Women actually hand stir the concoction for an entire day.  After about two weeks of curing the soap is ready.

The soap is comprised of the ashes from burned cocoa bean pods and plantain peels, palm oil and shea butter.  It is unlike any other soap in the world because it is free of lye.  Lye, also known as potassium hydroxide, is used in soaps and has been known to cause irritations to the skin.

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Different regions in Africa have their own special recipes, which give them their own unique feel.  Soap from the middle areas of the content tends to have more shea butter than soap made along the coast, which has a higher mixture of coconut oil.

A variety of names are often used for Black soap.  Ose Dudu is a common name.  The name comes from dud meaning black and ose meaning soap.

The soap can be used on your face and hair and is said to help relieve dry skin, rash, scalp irritation, acne, oily skin and blemishes among other skin issues.

African Black Soap has become very popular due to its organic properties and its effectiveness to clear up acne prone skin.

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Be sure to verify that the soap you are ordering is authentic and all natural, since many imitations of this popular product exist.

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